WAFA Media Releases

  • FSC credibility on the line after certifying karri clearfelling - Thu 23 October 2014
    23rd October 2014 The WA Government logging agency, the Forest Products Commission (FPC), has submitted false and misleading information and gained an environmental tick of approval from the world's leading timber certifying body, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), environment groups said today. The WA Forest Alliance (WAFA) expressed shock and dismay that FSC’s high standards have been ignored. 
  • Urgent action needed to prevent WA Cockatoo extinctions - Mon 25 August 2014
    Alarming new Birdlife Australia figures released today confirm that Carnaby’s Cockatoos on the Perth-Peel Coastal Plain are on a trajectory to be extinct within the next 20 – 30 years. The Great Cocky Count has included a 5-year trend analysis for the first time since it began, and it shows that the birds have been declining by 15% every year since 2010. Conservation groups have called for significant new wildlife protection measures including a halt to any further logging or land clearing in areas of cockatoo habitat following the release of the figures.
  • Australia failing to meet international biodiversity obligations - Mon 02 June 2014
    Australian environment groups have petitioned the UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity concerning the Australian government’s failure to act consistently with its international obligations. The groups include the Australian Conservation Foundation, Green Institute, WAFA and Lawyers for Forests and the Petition includes submissions by leading scientists including Professor David Lindenmayer.
  • Abbott's logging Budget causes outrage in WA - Mon 19 May 2014
    Abbott's logging Budget causes outrage in WA 19 May 2014 The Abbott Government has promised as a part of its Budget announcements that it will provide taxpayer-funded subsidies to companies that want to burn native forest trees to generate energy.  "If the Abbott Government thinks it's going to clearfell WA's prized karri and jarrah forests for energy generation, it’s got another think coming," said WA Forest Alliance convener Jess Beckerling. 
  • Challar Forest Stop Work Action, 2 December 2013 - Mon 02 December 2013
    Dylan Lehmann, a young man from Fremantle, is reclining in a suspended bathtub 8 metres above the forest floor in Challar forest. The bathtub is secured to two logging machines and preventing all logging in this high salt risk catchment of WA's cleanest river.
  • Another decade of debt and destruction? - Fri 15 November 2013
    15th November 2013 Environment Minister due to sign off on another decade of debt and destruction   The Forest Products Commission has reported a $20.7 million pre-tax loss on its native forest logging operations for 2012 - 2013 (see p 124 of FPC's Annual Report 2012 - 2013 available here http://www.fpc.wa.gov.au/content_migration/_assets/documents/about_us/an...)
  • EPA approves 10-year Forest Devastation Plan - Tue 02 July 2013
    Conservation groups have vowed to fight back against the proposed 10-year Forest Management Plan approved by the EPA yesterday.
  • Auditor General’s report confirms mismanagement of WA’s precious forests - Thu 27 June 2013
    The WA Forest Alliance welcomes the Auditor General’s report into the sale and supply of native forest timbers that was tabled in Parliament today.
  • Old growth forest saved from imminent logging - Thu 06 June 2013
    Forest activists have saved over 200 hectares of old growth jarrah forest near Nannup from the chainsaws.
  • Huge logging increases proposed in draft Forest Management Plan (FMP) - Sun 12 August 2012
    Western Australia's forest conservation groups have vowed to coordinate a major public campaign to protect our forests from the huge logging increases signaled today by the Barnett Government.
  • Taxpayers $80m in debt to big sawmills - Thu 02 August 2012
    The WA Forest Alliance can reveal that the State Government has guaranteed approximately $80 million of taxpayers money to the big native forest sawmills to keep them in business.
  • Forest protection could deliver carbon credit boom for south-west - Tue 03 July 2012
    With the introduction of a carbon price, WA's peak environment and forest conservation groups are calling on the State Government to support the development of a lucrative new industry in carbon credits from avoided logging in south-west forests.
  • Traditional Owner's outrage at effect of logging on wildlife - Mon 11 June 2012
    Pibulmum Wadandi Traditional Owner Wayne Webb says he is outraged that logging can continue in vital refuges for threatened species after seeing a Numbat in Warrup forest during an archaeological assessment.
  • Loggers routinely destroy nesting hollows - for $13.45 per tonne - Mon 13 February 2012
    Native forest logging is destroying rare nesting hollows that take hundreds of years to form and the State is receiving as little as $13.45 per tonne for the wood.
  • Cockatoos in Crisis - Fri 13 January 2012
    Experts are warning that local extinctions are almost certain unless remaining habitat is urgently protected.
  • State logging agency using misleading figures to hide native forest losses - Thu 13 October 2011
    WA’s peak environment and forest conservation groups have accused the Forest Products Commission (FPC) of using drought claims to disguise losses from the state’s unsustainable native forest logging industry.