Auditor General’s report confirms mismanagement

In June 2013 the Auditor General released a report into the supply and sale of native forest products.

The report confirms that our forests are being mismanaged and that waste and breaches of environmental protection regulations are being overlooked by the Government’s logging agency, the Forest Products Commission. 

Habitat loss is the major threat to the survival of threatened species and yet no State or Federal legislation exists to protect threatened species from logging operations.

The Auditor General’s office has found that even the current inadequate standards for environmental protection are being breached and those breaches are not being adequately addressed.

The WA Forest Alliance has copies of lists prepared by the Forest Products Commission and the Department of Environment and Conservation showing hundreds of breaches of standards, including damage to habitat trees,  logging of old growth and stream reserves and the spreading of dieback.

However, in the absence of any adequate enforcement powers, very little if anything is done. Breaches pile up and habitat continues to be destroyed.

It is shameful that the logging industry is given exemptions from legislation meant to protect threatened wildlife, and that there is no legal mechanism for enforcing compliance with environmental standards.  No attempt has been made to improve this intolerable situation for the next 10-year forest management plan.

We need new laws in WA that protect wildlife and their habitat.

The State Government must acknowledge that native forest logging is rife with waste and mismanagement and step in to protect our irreplaceable and much loved native forests and their wildlife.

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Image: WA Forest Alliance.